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...aand we're back!
This year Talent Tantra is going to rock your socks off! Are your ready to head back into your childhood world of comics and superheroes? At Talent Tantra 2018, we will bring to you your favourite comic characters, punched in with a whole lot of fun and a bout of nostalgia!
Join us on the 3-day extravaganza - a one-of-a-kind platform to showcase your talents - with fun, food, platform to showcase your talents - with fun, food, music, dance and a doze of healthy competition!

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  • Moksh Mantra ac-arrow
    • Moksh Mantra

      "A rock band is a mysterious thing. Somehow, every once in a while, a few individuals bump into one another, and they look exactly right together and share a focus and an aspiration and the right balance of musical similarities and differences. - Alan Light"


      1. It is a Semi Pro Western event.
      2. Four winning bands from each of the Outreach live prelims will qualify for the finale.
      3. Tightness of the band and original composition will be given extra weightage.
      4. Instruments provided- 5 piece drum kit with (1 ride, 2 crashes, 1 hi-hat & china)
      5. The choice of genre is left to the band.

      Rules And Regulations:

      1. Bands can perform in any language.
      2. A participant can play for only one band.
      3. The event is open to all.
      4. Per band will be given 20 minutes for the performance on stage including setup time.
      5. If a band exceeds the time limit, they will be negatively marked.
      6. Obscenity/use of offensive words will strictly lead to negative marking or disqualification.
      7. Judges decision will be final.
      8. One Original Composition and One Cover is mandatory.

      Event Schedule:
      4th January 2018
      5thJanuary 2018
      Registration Fee: Rs. 1200/Team
      Event Coordinator:
      Kallol Nath : +91 7002601867
      Shahbaz Azad : +91 7002158907

  • Sing phonic ac-arrow

      Age limit: 16 - 27

      Sponsored by Rules and regulations:-

      1ST ROUND:
      1. There will be a time limit of 3 minutes. A warning bell will be rung before the time is up.
      2. If a contestant exceeds the time limit, he or she will be negatively marked.
      3. Marking will be on the basis of presentation of Sur, Taal, Laya and Pronunciation.
      4. Any song of the contestant’s choice (classical, semi-classical, modern, western) can be sung.
      5. Band of musicians will be provided (if required).
      6. Playing of tracks will not be allowed.
      7. Rehearsal with the musical team will not be allowed.
      8. No gadgets or paper will be allowed on stage for lyrics.
      9. Judges decision will be the final decision.
      10. Top 15 participants will go to the next round.

      2ND ROUND:
      1. Time limit: 5mins. If a contestant exceeds the time limit, he or she will be negatively marked.
      2. Any song of the contestant’s choice (classical, semiclassical, modern,western) can be sung. Songs sung in the first round cannot be repeated.
      3. Band of musicians will be provided compulsorily for this round.
      4. Playing of tracks will not be allowed.
      5. Rehearsal with the musical band will not be allowed.
      6. No gadgets or paper will be allowed on stage for lyrics.
      7. Judges decision will be the final decision.
      8. Judges can also give a song of their choice to sing. In this case, if the lyrics are unknown, the contestant can use external resources.
      9. Marking will be on the basis of presentation of Sur, Taal, Laya and Pronunciation.

      Event Schedule:
      5th January 2018 Prelims
      6th January 2018 Final Competition
      Registration Fee: Rs. 300/Member
      Event Coordinator:
      Bhaskar Buragohain: +91 76629766178
      Sankalpa Borah: +91 9126585884
      Arrana Dutta: +91 8486373619
      Register Now

  • Falsetto ac-arrow
    • Falsetto

      Falsetto is back with the music that will touch your soul! We bring to you the much awaited unplugged singing competition

      Rules and Regulations:

      1. There are two ways one can participate in the competition.
       1. Solo
       2. Group
      2. If you are performing solo :
        1. Sound check : 2 mins.
        2. Performance time: 6mins.
        If you are performing in group:
         Sound check : 3 mins.
         Performance time : 6mins.
      3. The joining fee for solo vocals: Rs 300 and for group: Rs 600.
      4. Please note that:
       1. Synthesisers if used, shall be used only in piano tones. No splitting or layering is allowed.
       2. Playing of any pre recorded sound in any medium will lead to direct disqualification.
       3. No restrictions of language or genre.
       4. Decision of the judges will be final.
       5. Every kinds of acoustic instrument are allowed
       6. If a participate is accompanied by one instrument it will be considered as solo, more than one instrument will be considered as a group.
      Event Schedule:
      7thJanuary 2018
      Registration Fee: Rs. 300/Member | Rs. 600/Team
      Event Coordinator:
      Inaz Sultan Haque: +91 8724081681
      Anirban Gogoi: +91 8133912950
      Register Now for solo
      Register Now for group

  • Burn it On ac-arrow
    • Classical Dance Modern Dance Adaptune
  • Destroix ac-arrow
    • Dota 2 Call of Duty 4 NFS MW FIFA 15 Clash Royale Mini Militia
  • Sports ac-arrow
    • Arm Wrestling Cricket Football Basketball Badminton
  • Matter Mind ac-arrow
    • AD Mania Fuel your Dream Quizoholic
  • Focusia ac-arrow
    • Selfie Mania X Movie Making Photography Competition & Exhibition
  • Perspective ac-arrow
    • Crime Scene Investigation Treasure hunt Quiz Face Painting Comic Strip Drawing Love Letter Writing Live Painting Mysterio
  • Technova ac-arrow
    • Fried Circuits Tekfo Hunt Build-Da-Bridge Robo Ranger Codaventure
  • Winter Runway ac-arrow
    • Winter Runway

      Age Criteria: 16years - 25years
      Rules and Regulations:

      1. All students are allowed to participate.
      2. The minimum height for girls : 5 inch(without heels).
      3. The minimum height for boys : 5.5 inch(without boots).
      4. The dress code for girls: white tank top ,blue jeans and stilletos( minimum height of 4 inch).
      5. The dress code for boys: white t-shirt ,blue jeans and boots.
      6. The candidates should bring a full length photograph at the time of registration.
      7. The registration fee for the audition is Rs 100 and after selection, each shortlisted contestants should submit an amount of Rs 1500 for grooming and accomodation purposes.
      8. The decisions of the judges will be final.
      Event Schedule:
      18th December 2017, First Audition at Photostant, Jorhat
      2nd January, Second Audition at KU Campus
      2nd - 5th January - Grooming session
      6th January 2018 Final Competition
      Registration Fee: Rs. 100/Member
      Event Coordinator:
      Rahul : +91 9957831427
      Lopamudra : +917576824792

  • Rangmanch ac-arrow
    • Skit/Play Competition Just a minute

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Tickets and Passes


1) Participation to any event at Talent Tantra is subject to the participants fulfilling the requisite procedures of participation, meeting the eligibility criteria and the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers of Talent Tantra. The organisers reserve the right to suspend or withdraw the participation of any participant at any time, including after the confirmation of registration.
2) All participants must carry valid photo IDs of their institution and age proof, and produce the same on demand.
3) All participants must comply withall rules and guidelines as are notified by the organizing committee and judges, including without limitation the specific rules and guidelines pertaining to a particular event organised as a part of Talent Tantra. The decision of the judges shall be final and no representation to the contrary shall be entertained and will be dismissed summarily.
4) The registration fees for each event will be accepted only at the registration desk and shall be non-refundable, except to the limited extent provided herein. Participation to an event is subject to the payment of all registration fees in full.
5) Accommodation may be provided to participants and/or competitors at the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers of Talent Tantra. All accommodation provided hereunder shall be subject to the rules and regulations provided herein and shall be chargeable in accordance with the rules and regulations provided below.
6) Buses up to Jorhat (Barua Chariali) will be provided at the end of the show on all three days. However, the organisers make no representation as to the availability of seating on such transportation and disclaim any and all claims that may arise as a result of the provision of such transportation, including without limitation any claims arising as a result of any accident and/or death of any persons.
7) Misconduct, distasteful and/or abusive behaviour and/or non-compliance with any applicable rules and reasonable requests of the organisers of Talent Tantra by any person shall not be tolerated and the organisers reserve the right to evict such persons from the University premises and terminate their participation, and/or strip them of any prizes at its sole.
8) KU reserves the right to suspend/withdraw and/or cancel any event at its sole discretion without any prior notice in case the number of registrations received for the event does not meet the minimum required number as decided by KU at its sole and absolute discretion. 9) Coordinators and Volunteers must carry their Talent Tantra IDs with them at all times.


Travel Reimbursement is available for participants who come in groups/teams (Min. 5 members) from a distance of greater than 150km from the Kaziranga University campus.

1) Subject to the sole discretion of organisers of Talent Tantra, travel reimbursement may be provided to participants who participate in groups/teams of five (5)or more members (“Teams”) at events conducted with the Kaziranga University campus and travel for a distance of greater than one hundred and fifty kilometres (150km) from the Kaziranga University campus. Any and all reimbursements made shall be subject to such Teams producing valid invoices and receipts of all expenses incurred while travelling to the campus for participation in Talent Tantra.
2) All reimbursements shall be made in accordance with the following schedule, subject always to a maximum reimbursement of Indian Rupees Five Hundred only (INR 500/-) per participant:
Team Size    Two way reimbursement per person
  20+ participants          Upto fifty percent (50%)
  10 to 19 participants      Upto thirty percent (30%)
  5 to 9 participants       Upto twenty percent (20%)
3) All reimbursements will be made with respect to the cheapest and shortest distance sleeper class train fare and/or bus fare between the point of origin of the Team and the University Campus, irrespective of the mode of transportation. For example, where a Team travels by air from Kolkata to Jorhat and by taxi from Jorhat airport to Kaziranga University, such Team, upon producing the valid receipts and tickets shall be eligible to receive such sums as reimbursement equal to the cheapest available train from Kolkata to Jorhat and applicable bus fare from Jorhat airport to the Kaziranga University campus.
4) Teams must register themselves online at on or before 30thDecember 2017 in order to avail the reimbursements contemplated herein. Subject to the sole discretion of the organisers, no claims for reimbursements shall be entertained for any Team that fails to register themselves within the stipulated time provided above.
5) With specific respect to travel reimbursements, no modifications to the number of participants without prior written notice to the organising committee will be entertained. The organising committee reserves the right to disapprove any modification requests, even where such requests are duly made and received by the organising committee.
6) All participants are required to submit a copy of their valid ID cards, and their tickets (which should include date, departure location & official signature/stamp of the transport service) in order to avail any reimbursement.
7) Travel reimbursement will be made at the time of departure on the last day of Talent Tantra, and any requests to preponesuch reimbursements shall be summarily dismissed.
8) Travel reimbursement will be done for the whole team together, as per the names on our database. We will not entertain any individual requests.

Example: If a 7 member team is travelling from Guwahati (one way fare = Rs. 300), each team member will be given 20% of the two way fare (i.e. 20% of Rs. 600 = Rs.120).


Subject to the following rules and regulations, accommodation for participants will be provided in the KU Girls and Boys Hostels, for all three days of the event (5th, 6th and 7th January 2018). Under special circumstances, accommodation may be provided on priority basis on the 4th of January 2018 as well.


1) Accommodation will be made available on a first-come first-served basis and subject to availability. It will be charged at Rs. 100 per day.
2) A refundable security deposit of Rs. 100 will be charged per participant. This will be returned to the individual at their departure, only after the receipt has been shown and verified.
3) Only breakfast will be provided, on a chargeable basis. Bed, pillow, blanket will be provided by the organizers.
4) At the end of the concert each evening, participants must report to their respective accommodation areas within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the concert.
5) The provision of accommodation to participants is subject to their compliance with all rules and regulations enforced by the Kaziranga University for the respective and subject to the jurisdiction of the Hostel Warden and Deputy Warden and all other appropriate authority within Kaziranga University.
6) Alcohol and Smoking are strictly prohibited within the University campus. Strict action will be taken against any damage to institutional property.
7) Any instance of misbehavior will lead to disqualification of participants, and the Team from participating any and all events of Talent Tantra, and will lead to the immediate eviction of the participant from the hostel and University premises at the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers.

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TalentTantra - Comic On 2018

Keeping in tandem with the delightful and happy traditions of the North-East, Kaziranga University is once again playing host to a celebration of music, fun and festivities from the 5th to the 7th of January, as a part of its annual winter fest – Talent Tantra 2018!

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    Koraikhuwa 785006 - Jorhat, Assam

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