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Unplugged Singing

Falsetto is back with the music that will touch your soul! We bring to you the much awaited unplugged singing competition


  1. Solo
  2. GROUP

General Registration Rules

  • Age Limit : 16 - 26 years
  • Participants should show their Institute ID proofs in original during registration

  • Event Coordinator:
  • Inaz Sultan Haque: +91 8724081681
  • Akash Pratim Baruah: +91 8486347218

Rules And Regulations:

  1. Sound check : 2 mins.
  2. Performance time: 7mins.
  1. Sound check : 3 mins.
  2. Performance time: 7mins.

General Rules And Regulations:

  1. Synthesizer(s)/Keyboard(s), if used, shall be used only in piano tone and no layering or splitting will be allowed.
  2. Playing of any pre-recorded track in the background will lead to direct disqualification.
  3. No restrictions on language and genre will be imposed.
  4. Use of abusive words will lead to direct disqualification.
  5. Decision of the judges will be final under any circumstances

Event Schedule:

  • Venu: KU Garden
  • Starting Time: 02:30 PM
  • Date: 17th February 2019

Registration Fee:

Rs. 300/MEMBER   |   Rs. 600/TEAM