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Moksh Mantra

Battle of Bands

"A rock band is a mysterious thing. Somehow, every once in a while, a few individuals bump into one another, and they look exactly right together and share a focus and an aspiration and the right balance of musical similarities and differences." - Alan Light

General Registration Rules

  • No Age Limit
  • Due to limited slots available kindly register before the l0th February, 2019 along with the online payment.
  • There will be no On-Spot Registration.
  • Participants should show their valid ID proofs in original during registration.
  • Teams should report the venue before 09:30AM, 15th February 2019. Delay in reporting may result to disqualification.
  • Registration after 10th February, 2019 will not be accepted. Kindly contact team coordinator before coming.
  • Event Coordinator:
  • Prabal Dutta: +91 83998943547
  • Shabaz Azad: +91 8876951428

Rules And Regulations:

  1. Bands can perform in any language.
  2. A participant can play for only one band.
  3. A Band will be given a total of 25 mins to play including sound check.
  4. One OC is mandatory
  5. Judges’ decision will be final.
  6. Every Band must bring their own instruments.
  7. Drum Kit will be provided except the foot pedal.

Event Schedule:

  • 15th February 2019

Registration Fee:

Rs. 1500/TEAM