About Talent Tantra

Since 09-01-2015

Talent Tantra, the annual student festival of the University, is hosted each year to provide students to with a platform to showcase their talents and promote the honing of skills required to become a versatile and socially concious global citizen.

The 2020 edition of Talent Tantra is scheduled to be held between 31st January, 2020 and 2ndFebruary, 2020 and will host over 40 competitions and workshops. With a wide variety of events that range from theatre and singing competitions to sporting events like football and basketball. Talent Tantra provides a healthy mix of cultural, literary and sporting experiences. In addition, Talent Tantra boasts of three star studded musical nights.

Safar, Urdu for Travel; Nama, a story of it. A strong desire to travel and wander the world, one adventure at a time.