Rules and Regulations

  • Participation to any Competition at Talent Tantra is subject to the participants fulfilling the requisite procedures of participation, meeting the eligibility criteria and the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers of Talent Tantra. The organisers reserve the right to suspend or withdraw the participation of any participant at any time, including after the confirmation of registration.
  • All participants must comply withall rules and guidelines as are notified by the organizing committee and judges, including without limitation the specific rules and guidelines pertaining to a particular Competition organised as a part of Talent Tantra. The decision of the judges shall be final and no representation to the contrary shall be entertained and will be dismissed summarily.
  • Accommodation may be provided to participants and/or competitors at the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers of Talent Tantra. All accommodation provided hereunder shall be subject to the rules and regulations provided herein and shall be chargeable in accordance with the rules and regulations provided below.
  • Misconduct, distasteful and/or abusive behaviour and/or non-compliance with any applicable rules and reasonable requests of the organisers of Talent Tantra by any person shall not be tolerated and the organisers reserve the right to evict such persons from the University premises and terminate their participation, and/or strip them of any prizes at its sole.
  • The organisers reserve the right to suspend / withdraw / replace / cancel Talent Tantra 2020 and/or any Competition forming a part of Talent Tantra 2020 without any prior notice to any person, at its sole and absolute discretion. In the Competitions of and only in the event of the cancellation of any Competition and/or Talent Tantra, shall the participants be liable for a refund of all registration fees paid in relation to the cancelled Competition. Such refund shall be processed within 60 to 90 days of the cancellation of the Competition.

Travel Reimbursement is available for participants who come in groups/teams (Min. 5 members) from a distance of greater than 150km from the Kaziranga University campus.

  • Subject to the sole discretion of organisers of Talent Tantra, travel reimbursement may be provided to participants who participate in groups/teams of five (5)or more members (“Teams”) at Competitions conducted with the Kaziranga University campus and travel for a distance of greater than one hundred and fifty kilometres (150km) from the Kaziranga University campus. Any and all reimbursements made shall be subject to such Teams producing valid invoices and receipts of all expenses incurred while travelling to the campus for participation in Talent Tantra.
  • All reimbursements shall be made in accordance with the following schedule, subject always to a maximum reimbursement of Indian Rupees Five Hundred only (INR 500/-) per participant:
    Team Size Two way reimbursement per person
    20+ participants Upto fifty percent (50%)
    10 to 19 participants Upto thirty percent (30%)
    5 to 9 participants Upto twenty percent (20%)
  • All reimbursements will be made with respect to the cheapest and shortest distance sleeper class train fare and/or bus fare between the point of origin of the Team and the University Campus, irrespective of the mode of transportation. For example, where a Team travels by air from Kolkata to Jorhat and by taxi from Jorhat airport to Kaziranga University, such Team, upon producing the valid receipts and tickets shall be eligible to receive such sums as reimbursement equal to the cheapest available train from Kolkata to Jorhat and applicable bus fare from Jorhat airport to the Kaziranga University campus.
  • Teams must register themselves online at on or before 20thJan 2020 in order to avail the reimbursements contemplated herein. Subject to the sole discretion of the organisers, no claims for reimbursements shall be entertained for any Team that fails to register themselves within the stipulated time provided above.
  • With specific respect to travel reimbursements, no modifications to the number of participants without prior written notice to the organising committee will be entertained. The organising committee reserves the right to disapprove any modification requests, even where such requests are duly made and received by the organising committee.
  • All participants are required to submit a copy of their valid ID cards, and their tickets (which should include date, departure location & official signature/stamp of the transport service) in order to avail any reimbursement.
  • Travel reimbursement will be made at the time of departure on the last day of Talent Tantra, and any requests to preponesuch reimbursements shall be summarily dismissed.

Travel reimbursement will be done for the whole team together, as per the names on our database. We will not entertain any individual requests.

    Example: If a 7 member team is travelling from Guwahati (one way fare = Rs. 300), each team member will be given 20% of the two way fare (i.e. 20% of Rs. 600 = Rs.120).

  • Alcohol and Smoking are strictly prohibited within the University campus. Strict action will be taken against any damage to institutional property.
  • Any instance of misbehavior will lead to disqualification of participants, and the Team from participating any and all Competitions of Talent Tantra, and will lead to the immediate eviction of the participant from the hostel and University premises at the sole and absolute discretion of the organisers.
  • All participants must carry valid photo IDs of their institution and age proof, and produce the same on demand.
  • The registration fees for all competitions will be accepted only at the registration desk and shall be non-refundable, except to the limited extent provided herein. Participation to an Competition is subject to the payment of all registration fees in full.
  • Buses up to Jorhat (Baruah Chariali) will be provided at the end of the show on all three days. However, the organisers make no representation as to the availability of seating on such transportation and disclaim any and all claims that may arise as a result of the provision of such transportation, including without limitation any claims arising as a result of any accident and/or death of any persons.
  • Coordinators and Volunteers must carry their Talent Tantra IDs with them at all times.
  • Age limit for all sports and cultural competitions will be 16 - 26 years.
  • No age limit is placed for participants taking part in Mokmantra , Destroix & Informals.
  • Participants taking part in sports competition must produce their valid id proof in original.
  • Participants taking part in cultural competition must produce their Institute ID proofs in original.